Rob-E says hi!

Rob-E - the face of EPSA Autumn Assembly 2017 in Brno

Since the topic of the 14th EPSA Autumn Assembly 2017 in Brno is Digital revolution in healthcare, we decided to invite this digital guy to work as the pretty face of our congress. His past is shady so he wanted to stay undercover and not to use his real name. We had asked the participants to come up with a name for him but it didn’t end up according to the plan. Unfortunately, a face of educational programme can’t be named after an alcoholic beverage and he felt too badass for ‘Tomášek’. So he came up with his own idea – Rob-E. He had a hard time to decide between Rob-E and BroBot but he realized he doesn’t lift much so he’s not really bro enough. 🙁

Rob-E already appears in some of our propagation material. You will have a chance to meet him for the first time at the 40th EPSA Annual Congress in Kranjska Gora. Don’t miss him there!

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